Our services in close protective details are second to none. The majority of our Executive Protection specialists are prior Law Enforcement, military, or security officers with advanced protective skills. Which include but are not limited to Executive Protection Driving Skills, Emergency Medical Skills, Expert Level or above Firearms skill , Advance Work , Surveillance Detection ,Travel planning and logistics ,Special Event planning , Physical Security-creating and integrating physical security systems and technology into Executive Protection. Our Executive Protection Specialists are selected based on there level of Integrity, Candor, Confidence, Discretion, Attention to Detail, Responsiveness and Commitment. Whether traveling from point A to point B, holding a special function, or having a special event Shomere Security is ready to meet your needs.


Each of our employees are selected based on thier professionalism, experience, training, and customer service skills. Not only do we provide you and your company with  professional security service personnel that  are capable of handling basic routine and emergency situations but who are also customer service oriented  and who are there for you when you need them. This is the Shomere Security Consultants difference. We provide friendly, courteous, security professionals at your command.


UNARMED SECURITY is no different in that our selection process for employees remains rigorous. Not every candidate is able to be Shomere Security officers. Most of our UNARMED SECURITY personnel are also licensed ARMED SECURITY professionals. One reason for this that additional background screening is mandated by the State of Florida in order to issue a licensee their credentials. These licensee have had to meet higher standards of training and must not have a criminal background in there personal history. We feel that these individuals who have taken the initiative to train and reach a higher standard in there profession serve as overall better candidates to protect our clients. The cost to us is slightly higher but it is minimal when considering that our customers receive top notch security to protect there facilities and assets.