Retail Establishments

- We provide Uniformed Armed, Unarmed security, and undercover loss prevention specialist teams to reduce shoplifting at your locations.

Gated Communities

- One of our specialties is Gated Communities. We provide 24 hour Uniformed Armed,and Unarmed security service for your location in a courteous professional manner that is non intrusive and pleasent. Our clients remain with us because of our level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Private Residence

- From on site 24 hour Security Guards on your Estate, to routine Residence Security Checks that can prevent theft, vandalism, and other misfortunes that often happen when homeowners leave town. Shomere Security can provide a personalized plan that is right for you.

Homeowner's Associations

- We work closely with Homeowner's Associations as they are usually are first point of contact to our customers. We form a very good team together and are usually recommended and to sister associations for our services.

Commercial Centers

- Whether walking patrol, Segway duty, or parking lot mobile roving patrol we are here to serve you. Our officers are alert, and ready to assist you and your patrons. From assistance on finding directions, building surveillance, logging in visitors, or building evacuation our trained to meet whatever challenge they are faced with.

Construction Sites

- Theft of Construction Sites materials and equipment is problem that sometimes can only be prevented by have an onsite security as a deterrent. With Industry experts estimating annual losses at roughly $1 billion. Shomere Security is here to help you. Our security group provides 24 hour security services that include Surveillance Cameras ,Access Control, used in conjunction with on site security person- Contractors need to take extra precautions to secure their construction sites. We can provide with a comprehensive plan on how to best to secure your site.

Community Events

- The safety of your community is our business. Our events management team can assess your event and work with you to create a successful and safe enviroment for your patrons.

Executive V.I.P Protection

- We offer full service Executive V.I.P. Protection to meet our clients needs. Whether it be protecting our clients at there home, or while they travel we can help. Our Executive Protection Officers are high caliber and professional Executive Protection Specialist ready to provide you with excellent protective services you deserve

Security Consulting

- Our Security Consulting service offer our customers everything from complete threat assessment of there property, advise on intrusion detection systems ,video surveillance systems, and estate protection. We can also advise on how to improve your existing security programs as well as designing one specific to you and your location while staying within your budget.

Entertainment Security

- From red-carpet screenings, on location filming, or modeling shows we provide everything from uniform to Black Tie Service to meet our clients requests.

Art & Jewelry Exhibits

- The safety of your assets is our business. Call us to see how we can help.

Estate Security

- Preventing intrusions without being intrusive. We want you to feel comfortable in your home while we provide security for you.

School Security

- We offer a wide range of programs to address school security issues facing us today. Please call to set appointment to see how we may be able to help.

Cargo Protection

- Whether underway or docked we secure your crew and cargo. We provide port security while at your port of call or a complete Maritime Security Team on board your vessel.